Robin Washington

3 Changes You Can Make to Help Your Child Cope with Separation Anxiety


In a clinical form, pediatric separation anxiety can completely disrupt a parent's ability to get out of their child's sight. To some degree, most children do experience mild forms of anxiety when they are separated from their primary caregiver. However, these moments of distress in a normal situation tend to be brief and easily overcome‚Äďand are oftentimes associated with a certain age or maturity level. But for a child who truly suffers with separation anxiety, symptoms of distress can be ongoing and extremely hard for parents to deal with.

3 August 2017

Tips For Raising A Child With Autism


When your child is diagnosed with autism, it can drastically change your life. Life with a child on the autism spectrum can be full of joy, but it can also have many difficulties. If your child was just diagnosed with autism, use the following tips: Make Time for Yourself As a parent, it is natural to use a majority of your time and resources to care for your child. But when you have a child on the spectrum, especially one with severe autism, it is easy to get burned out and frustrated.

2 July 2017

Tips For Keeping The Fact That You're Seeing A Therapist Private


If you need to see a therapist, or psychotherapist, because you are having a hard time coping with your life and need additional skills to make this coping easier or if you need to work through something that is causing you mental stress, you likely appreciate all of the help that the therapist can provide. However, you might be keenly aware that there is a stigma against getting help for mental health issues.

27 May 2017

Five Mistakes To Be Aware Of When You're Disciplining Your Child


Disciplining your child is probably the most difficult but also the most important part of being a parent.  If there's no discipline in the early years of your child's life, he or she may have trouble down the road adjusting to the demands of academic, professional, and personal commitments. It's up to you to teach your child important lessons that will be fundamental to his or her ability to fully participate and succeed in life.

4 May 2017

2 Reasons To Take Your Children In For Counseling After Divorce


If you and your spouse have gone through a divorce, this can often have a negative impact on your children. This is going to be especially true if the children are older, but can also have a negative impact on your young children as well. They are likely not going to understand why it is that you got a divorce or they may very resentful to either you or your spouse for getting a divorce, and some children are going to blame themselves.

13 April 2017

Does Your Partner Have A Spending Addiction?


If your partner has been spending more money than is wise for your financial situation, they may just be irresponsible with money. However, in many cases, a partner who spends unwisely may actually be suffering from a spending addiction. As with an addiction to alcohol, food, or video games, a spending addict knows their behavior is destructive -- but they have a very hard time not engaging in it. How can you tell whether your partner has a spending addiction?

12 April 2017

3 Tips For Handling A Psychiatry Locum


The relationship between a therapist and a client can be intense and special, but it always must be a professional one. When boundaries and lines are crossed, things can become problematic for both the counselor and the patient. To avoid this, therapists set clear boundaries, but it is nonetheless hard not to get attached to a counselor who is helping sort out the most intimate details of one's life. If you are suddenly faced with a temporary replacement, which is referred to as a psychiatry locum or a locum tenens psychiatrist, you may have a lot of conflicting feelings.

12 April 2017

Protect Your Property And Secure Your Ideas - Options In Invention Services


The economy runs on the power of innovation. Inventors truly make the world go around, but the speed of the modern marketplace means those same inventors needs to act quickly to secure their intellectual property. Patent trolls and counterfeiters run amok, so if you have a new invention, it's important that you understand some of the services that are available to guide you through that process. Below, you'll find a guide to some of those services and suggestions for steps you can take to secure the business side of your innovation.

11 April 2017

Death And Emotional Pain: Get Your Drug-Addicted Teen Back On The Right Path


Losing a beloved patriarch or matriarch of the family can be both painful and emotionally draining, especially for young adults and teens. Some teenagers undergo emotional changes that not only affect them but also their families. If your teen turned to drugs or alcohol to cope with the loss of their grandparent, you may not know exactly how to approach your loved one's problem. You may fear that if you do address the issue, you might lose your teen as well.

10 April 2017

3 Ways To Be Proactive About Your Mental Health During Times Of Change


Change is one of the hardest things that human beings face. Even positive changes can introduce stress and discomfort to people's lives. When you know that changes are inevitable and will be coming in the near future, you can take positive actions to help ensure that you can cope with these changes in a healthy way. Empower yourself by being proactive about your mental health and taking the necessary steps to stay well.

5 April 2017