2 Reasons To Take Your Children In For Counseling After Divorce


If you and your spouse have gone through a divorce, this can often have a negative impact on your children. This is going to be especially true if the children are older, but can also have a negative impact on your young children as well. They are likely not going to understand why it is that you got a divorce or they may very resentful to either you or your spouse for getting a divorce, and some children are going to blame themselves. While you may try talking to them until you are blue in the face, there is a good possibility that they are not going to listen to you, but will instead act out in anger or sadness. If this is the case, then it is likely going to be in your best interest to take your child or children in for counseling after the divorce. There are going to be several great reasons why you should take your children in for counseling.

Gives Them Someone To Talk To 

After a divorce, you and/or your spouse may be the last people that your child wants to talk to. They are going to have a lot of emotions surrounding the divorce, but they may not feel like they can trust you and talk to you about these emotions. However, by taking them in for counseling, you are giving them a third party that they can talk to who is not emotionally tied to the situation and has the clarity and open mind needed to not only listen to your child, but also to help them work through whatever it is that they are feeling. This will allow your child to understand more clearly that the divorce was not their fault, and they can begin to cope and accept the divorce, lose some of their anger, and move forward with their life. 

You Can Meet As A Family 

While your child or children may not want to talk to you initially about the divorce and their feelings surrounding it, after attending counseling with just them and the therapist for a while, they may be ready for you to come to a counseling session with them. This is going to be a controlled environment where you can see how they are recovering, what they are feeling, and what you can do to help them move forward in the right direction. A therapist like Fairbanks Counseling & Adoption is going to make sure that everyone is able to speak and express themselves, and will work towards healing relationships.


13 April 2017

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