4 Vital Signs Its Time To See A Trauma Therapist


Trauma is an ever-increasing part of our society, and with each generation, it continues to rise. Trauma is the experience of a severely distressing or disturbing event. It can be an event that was once experienced or something that occurred repetitively and formed a cycle of behavior, such as physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. It's important to note here that not everyone who experiences trauma develops Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

14 October 2021

How Can An LGBTQ Support Therapist Help You?


LGBTQ support therapy can do a lot to help people of all genders and sexualities. Mental health care can make it easier to be the person you want to be and live the life you want to live. Here are four ways an LGBTQ support therapist can help you: 1. They can support you through difficult life changes Some people undergo major life changes as a result of realizations about their gender identity and sexuality.

11 August 2021

Why Are Troubled Youth Treatments Effective?


Troubled youth regularly behave disruptively. They may even break laws and fall prey to substance abuse. No one is born troubled, but a combination of environmental factors and genetic disposition can lead some teenagers down troubled paths. Troubled youth treatments can assist parents who want to help their troubled teens. These programs are designed with teens' needs in mind. Here are some of the reasons troubled youth treatments can help adolescents: 1. They involve parents and other family members.

13 May 2021

How You Know You Need The Help Of A Professional Psychiatrist


Many people deal with the physical symptoms of emotional or mental health problems when they don't even know the actual cause. For example, the inability to control your impulse to shop, drug use, and a poor relationship with food could all stem from deep-seated psychological trauma that you have not addressed. Similarly, you might have a series of strained interpersonal relationships because of subconscious conditioning or pain that you have not processed.

22 February 2021

Suboxone Treatment & Therapy For Heroin Addiction


Heroin is highly addictive, no matter how it is taken. Heroin is a serious substance that can be difficult to quit. If you have lived with substance addiction, you need to approach the process of quitting very carefully. One way many people get help is via suboxone treatment. Suboxone treatment provides people with the treatment they need to return to life and manage any ongoing issues in their life. What Is Heroin?

9 December 2020

Why Child's Play Therapy May Help Your Child


If you have a child that is struggling with their emotions or is having behavioral issues, you may be considering taking them to traditional talk therapy. However, what you may not know about is child's play therapy. Children's play therapy is a treatment that offers many benefits to patients (children) as well as their parents. Get to know more about child's play therapy as well as how this form of therapy may help your child.

25 June 2020

How Individual Counseling Can Help With Alcohol Addiction Recovery


If you have an addiction to alcohol, know that you are not alone. Millions of people across the country are struggling with the same addiction and are feeling what you are feeling. You might, in fact, be feeling as though you will never be able to beat your addiction or that it has become who you are instead of a disease that you are fighting. But this is not the case.

25 June 2020

When Daydreaming Becomes a Nightmare: Identifying and Treating Fantasy Addictions Before They Take Over


Professionals call it "maladaptive daydreaming" but to you, it's a comfortable, sometimes exciting place of fantasy where you can escape nearly any hardship or woe. Whether you're dealing with heartbreak, loss, trauma, abuse, financial problems or simple boredom, daydreaming could become your go-to coping mechanism. However, when the fantasy begins to take priority over your real-life responsibilities, along with pushing aside actual measures of resolution, things can quickly turn from dream to nightmare.

11 March 2020

How Quitting Drinking Can Help You Repair Your Life


If you have tried to quit drinking only to find that you can't seem to do it on your own, then you are more than likely an alcoholic. There are reasons why quitting drinking is hard for alcoholics. Quitting drinking can affect you physically when you have physical withdrawals, and this can leave you reaching for another drink to put an end to those bad physical symptoms. Also, quitting drinking is hard to do from a mental standpoint because you will have a strong craving that will be very hard to get past.

26 November 2019

3 Ways To Get Marriage Counseling


Marriage can be a lot of work. Even a good marriage goes through difficult times, which can be really stressful to you and your spouse. Getting help or counseling is never going to be a bad idea, even if your marriage is going pretty well. Every couple can use a checkup and new tools to deal with any problems. If you are going to get some marriage counseling, there are various ways that you can get the help that you are looking for.

23 September 2019