Why Sign Up For Online Past Life Regression Therapy?


Most people have intimately experienced the way the past affects their present. Experiences from childhood can shape the person you become as an adult. However, experiences from past lives may also affect your present reality. If you've ever been curious about your past lives, a trained therapist can help you gain insight through past life regression.

Past life regression utilizes hypnosis and deep relaxation techniques to allow people to get in touch with their inner selves. Unlocking memories of your past lives can help you recall important people and events from those times. Here are four reasons to sign up for online past life regression therapy sessions.

1. Gain more insight into your life and personality

Learning about yourself can give you more control over your life. When you know why you do the things you do, you can make adjustments to your habits. Sometimes, habits are deeply ingrained because they've followed you through many lives. Learning about the things you loved, hated, and experienced in past lives can teach you more about yourself. With the insight gained, you can let go of past hurts and traumas and move forward with greater compassion for yourself.

2. Make breakthroughs in areas of your life where you feel stuck

Many things can cause a person to feel stuck. Often, the feeling of being stuck comes from living a life that is not in accordance with your values. People live against their values for a number of reasons, including fear of negative emotions. You may not always understand why you feel afraid of certain things. Past life regression therapy can expose deep-seated traumas and phobias so you can deal with them once and for all. This can lead to great breakthroughs in all areas of your life.

3. Resolve physical pain symptoms

Physical pain is sometimes easy to diagnose. A sprained ankle can cause pain, but it will eventually heal. Sometimes, however, physical pain has no obvious source. In these situations, pain is sometimes psychosomatic, which means it's caused by your mind. Past life regression therapy is an effective way of treating psychosomatic pain. By dealing with psychic wounds sustained in other lives, people may be able to overcome the symptoms of physical pain caused by mental disturbances.

4. Participate in therapy sessions at home.

Finally, online past regression therapy is easy to do at home. Your therapist can treat you over the phone or through video chat technology. All you need to do is seat yourself in a comfortable room where you can relax and experience past life regression privately.


27 June 2022

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