4 Reasons To Consider Individual Counseling Services


If you've been going through a particularly hard time in life and need some help working through your issues, it may be time to get professional help. While it's always great to have friends and family around to talk through your concerns, they may not always understand your needs. In addition, life can get busy and it may feel difficult to reach out. The good news is there are professional counselors and therapists who are willing and able to help you.

17 October 2018

Ways to Help a Child Who Shows Signs of ADHD


For a parent, there can be plenty of warning signs that your child is dealing with attention deficit disorder. The child may seem to be all over the place, moving from one activity to another and getting easily distracted, for example. While plenty of children have ADHD-like symptoms to some degree, just because they're full of energy and curiosity, it's often obvious when a child's ADHD symptoms are an issue.

25 May 2018

Is Your Child Lying A Lot? Consider A Visit With A Psychologist


Most parents understand that children can stretch the truth and even lie on occasion, and will likely use some form of discipline in an attempt to curb this behavior. However, you may notice that your child is lying frequently — to you, to his or her teacher, and even to friends — and this will likely be a cause for concern. Instead of trying to increase the disciplinary measures, consider getting help from a psychologist who focuses his or her practice on children.

8 March 2018

How a Relapse Prevention Program Helps with Maintaining Sobriety


It is common for a drug addict to quit a number of times before staying clean long term. Some people have gone through rehab several times or tried to quit on their own, but still started back abusing drugs. For these reasons, relapse is a major concern for many patients entering rehab. Read on to find out how a relapse prevention program helps with maintaining long-term sobriety. Provides You With a Plan

11 January 2018